Travel Insurance For Senior Citizens & What Does It Cover

Older adults who retire have renewed hope for living life to the fullest. They are prepared to play their second innings worry-free after so many years of adversity, sacrifice, and sleepless nights, and travelling is the ideal option. Give your dream some wings, then get ready to travel. However, do not let a medical or non-medical emergency spoil your enjoyment of travelling. Plan your foreign trip with senior travel insurance to let you go abroad worry-free when you are over sixty.

What is covered by senior citizen travel insurance?

Senior citizen travel insurance provides older persons with full coverage. *

See everything it includes:

  • Emergency hospitalisation: The travel insurance plan will offer you full coverage, including IPD and OPD costs, if you experience a medical emergency that necessitates hospitalisation.
  • Covid-19 coverage: We provide COVID-19 coverage so that you can have pleasure in your trip without worrying about a pandemic. For additional information, see the policy T&C.
  • Personal accident: Accidents are one of the many uncertainties that might come with international travel. We cover Accidental passing away/permanent total disability that necessitates urgent and rapid medical attention in order to allay such concerns.
  • Dental treatment: If your healthy, natural teeth are damaged in any way, or you experience sudden pain, do not panic! We will pay the medical costs associated with such dental work so you can maintain your perfect smile.
  • Pre-existing conditions: In the event of a condition that poses a risk to your life, our international travel insurance policy will pay for the treatment of pre-existing conditions.
  • Common carrier accidental passing away: If the insured person passes away while using a common carrier or public transportation, a lump payment will be provided as compensation.
  • Travel delay, cancellation, or interruption: Subject to the terms and conditions of the travel insurance from India policy, you will receive reimbursement for any trip delays, cancellations, or interruptions up to the amount insured.
  • Loss of passport and checked-in baggage: Purchase online travel insurance to cover loss or delay of checked baggage. The plan provides a cover of up to USD 300/200 Euro with a sub-limit in the event of passport loss.
  • Upgradation to business class: If a doctor certifies that an insured person must be hospitalised for at least five days in a row and needs to return home, we will pay a reasonable amount to upgrade them from economy to business class.
  • Personal liability: If actual legal liability results from the insured person’s negligence, resulting in a civil claim being lodged or a third party filing a lawsuit against the insured person, we also cover that.
  • New coverage benefits: To prevent you from experiencing unneeded stress, we have expanded our horizons and now provide coverage for Missed Flight Connections / Hijack Distress Allowances / Automatic Trip Extensions.
  • Policy extension: Why get international travel insurance for each journey? Up to a trip length of 365 days, the same policy can be extended.
  • Visa money refund: If your application was denied without error or carelessness, we would reimburse your visa fee. It can be used as a cover. For further information, see the T&C.
  • Adventure sports coverage: Adventure sports can be thrilling and exciting, but they can also be dangerous. In order to prevent these injuries from ruining your fun, we offer adventure sports coverage.
  • Repatriation of mortal remains: For further information, please refer to the policy T&C. We cover the costs of returning the insured person’s mortal remains to their native country for local burial or cremation.

It is always a good idea to insure yourself or your elderly travelling companions with senior citizen travel insurance before leaving on your trip.

* Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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