YouTube marketing is necessary for your brand to get massive recognition

YouTube marketing is not an option…it is essential. A You tuber is not made overnight. In general, most of the creators interested in this platform do not know where to start. Today we are going to delve into this aspect and give you reasons why YouTube should be part of your marketing strategies. The data speaks for itself and is that according to the social network itself, YouTube has more than one billion users worldwide, generating billions of visits. For this reason, being on this social network opens the doors to an almost unlimited audience.

One platform many benefits

It helps you generate content for your other channels. Thanks to the videos that you upload to this social network, you will be able to have updated and fresh content for your other networks.

Website friendly URL

It will help you reduce the loading time of your website. Providing your website with professional corporate videos is a great idea. However, this type of content slows down the loading time of your site, unless of course you have an external server to host them, such as YouTube servers. This channel offers different ways to embed the videos you upload on different content management platforms.

Get closer to your potential audience

It helps bring your company closer to your potential customers. Thanks to video content such as interviews, you will show a closer image of your company, since potential customers will be able to see who is behind your logo.

Primary option for product recognition

It is perfect for product testing. Many times, especially when it comes to products with a technological component, it is necessary to show users how they are used. In these cases, YouTube videos become the perfect weapon to win over potential customers.

Streaming is so powerful

Use the power of steaming. Streaming consists of the possibility of consuming the video without having to download it in its entirety, something that made YouTube the online video giant. Take advantage of the live broadcast. Are you going to organize a corporate event? Then do not forget to offer guests who cannot attend the option to follow the event live, something you can achieve with the retransmission through YouTube.

Power the Word of Mouth

One of the keys to getting new customers is the recommendations of those who have already tried our products or services. It is something that you can achieve through written reviews. However, due to the misuse that has been made of this type of recommendation, video testimonials have become the most effective tool since the user can put a face to the person who recommends your products or services.

User-friendly option

It is accessible from any device, something important since more and more users are searching from mobile devices. It helps us to have more presence in Google. As you know, the difference between appearing in the first positions of Google and not appearing, translates into lost sales. Thanks to YouTube, you will have more content to position in Google. In fact, in certain searches, the first page of Google has the results of this social network. The search engine itself includes a button to search for video content directly.

In the end

Do you still have doubts about the convenience or not of having YouTube in your marketing strategies?

  • Open your browser and go to YouTube.
  • Enter one of your target keywords in the search engine of the social network.
  • What content appears? Is your competition?
  • If the answer is yes, it means that you are losing visibility with respect to them.
  • If the answer is no, you have found a great opportunity to get ahead of them.

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