What are the immediate advantages of online press release for your company?

The media are in crisis, interpreting this word not necessarily from its negative side, but as a profound change with important consequences. We all know that changes are the only sure thing we have in this life, especially when it comes to business, but what makes some brands stand out from others is how they manage change to control and take advantage of its consequences. With this scenario, brand journalism can be a very important tool for you to take advantage of this crisis in favor of your closeness to your audience and your credibility before the journalists and media themselves. You may ask how 247 press releases can be so valuable to a company and its image in the media. That is what we will talk about this time.

What do we call brand journalism?

Brands are entering the media space, moving into digital marketing. You can refer brand journalism as a hybrid of both areas. However, this trend is not new since both brands and the media and journalism have worked hand in hand for decades, although each one with its own particular objectives. Today, avant-garde companies and brands are not only news, but they generate it, and maintain direct communication, without intermediaries, with their audiences. 

We can define brand journalism as the creation of a media within a non-informative brand or company. However, the content disseminated by brand journalism must be of quality and useful, which is why communication and journalism professionals are required to imprint on it a rigorous and ethical approach, as well as the use of attractive and cutting-edge formats that facilitate its consumption. Content is one of the most powerful marketing strategies they currently have. Remember that brand journalism moves away from merely corporate information, so it seeks to generate value, both for the public and for the industry, based on your values, visions and missions.

What are some concrete advantages of brand journalism?

It can be a form of public relations, for example, the media can take contents of your blog, making their own stories taking your brand as a source, giving you exposure. Many companies become relevant to journalists because they do not have the time or the skills to cover some niches that are relevant to the public. Your stories flow in a natural, close and simple channel. Thanks to its journalistic approach, you inform your audience of relevant trends, thus creating community, usefulness and loyalty. It allows you to engage with your audience in a fresh and innovative way that will help you position yourself. Improve your reputation and engagement, both in the media and directly with your consumers. You increase your relevance in social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

The role of the journalist

Although in brand journalism companies become their editors and content generators, it is imperative that this content has ethics, research, formats and formalisms, aspects that professionals in communication and journalism dominate. Before the internet, companies hired public relations agencies to write press releases to send to journalists and pitch them for them to use as the basis for generating stories. Now companies can contract the services of journalists who work in communication agencies to generate content directed directly at key audiences or at their own colleagues. On the other hand, companies can write their individual stories and publish them on online PR portals, such as 247 press releases. It is important that the contents are of quality, based on facts, are current and add value to the recipients. Those who generate this content are professionals who know the trade and who regularly carry out this type of activity. They immediately recognize what is news and may be of interest.

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