What You Should Know About Hiring A General Contractor

Anyone who owns a home knows that home ownership involves a lot of responsibility. A general contractor is someone who can help people maintain their homes, as well as improve upon them. General contractors can help with painting cabinets in the kitchen, installing roofing, fixing issues around the house, and more. They are construction experts, and they know how to oversee residential projects such that the job is done properly as well as efficiently.

But with so many general contractors out there, how do you ensure that clients come to you? Not only do clients have to look for a general contractor, but they also need to ensure that the one they pick is good for their home. But how exactly do people go about looking for general contractors?

What Are The Qualifications Of A General Contractor?

What kind of licenses you need to work as a general contractor, will change depending on where you live. You may also need to meet additional registration requirements as well. To find out what the requirements in your state are, visit your state’s website to find out more.

You’ll need to have more than the basic qualifications, however, to ensure you get steady work. You’ll need to showcase that you have relevant experience, and also have all the permits needed to work as a general contractor. Before some of your building or repair projects, you may need to secure additional permits. This means that you should be aware of how you can secure permits in the first place.

You should also have great reviews from older clients. Remember that client testimonials and reviews can go a long way toward encouraging prospective clients to get in touch with you. This is why you should always ask older clients who are happy with your work, to leave behind a review for you.

What Services Do General Contractors Offer?

There are general contractors that choose to specialize in certain projects. They may specialize in roofing or even painting homes. There are others that provide a broader range of services. Note that as a general contractor, you’ll be responsible for obtaining the materials, and securing labor as well as equipment that will be necessary for the project.

You should consider investing in general contractor insurance in Texas. This is because working as a general contractor leaves you vulnerable to several risk factors, such as getting sued by a client. With general contractor insurance in Texas, you can better protect your career as well as your finances. If you would like to learn more about general contractor insurance in Texas, please click here.

As a general contractor, you should be able to handle new construction projects, home renovations, and remodeling. You should know how to paint homes, handle the electric and plumbing lines, do woodworking, flooring, roofing, siding, and more.

How General Contractors Are Hired

People often ask their friends and family members for recommendations, when it comes to hiring a general contractor. Ensure that you ask your clients to provide you with referrals, so you get regular work. Another way to secure new clients is by ensuring your information is available in online and offline general contractor listings in your area.

In case you’re an independent general contractor, you’ll be responsible for a lot of the marketing you’ll need to do, to secure new clients. If you work for a construction company, you’ll need to worry about securing new jobs less.

Before a client hires a general contractor, however, they may ask several questions. They could ask for references, about the cost estimate, as well as how long you’ve been in business. They could ask you about your permits and licenses and also ask about the project timeline. Ensure you have proper answers to potential queries your clients might have.

How Clients Choose The Right General Contractor

The right general contractor is someone who has the experience, permits and licenses, and expertise, to complete the project. Clients could also think about checking with the Better Business Bureau to ensure that the general contractor they want to hire doesn’t have complaints against them.

Good general contractors need to be skilled, professional, experienced, and trustworthy. They should also have payment options available for clients. Never ask the client for cash, as this will likely be seen as a scam.


If you want to find steady work as a general contractor, then you should do your research on what potential clients are looking for. Hiring a general contractor is something that clients do after thoroughly vetting the contractor. They could choose to approach a construction company to hire a general contractor or hire an independent contractor. Ensure you have all the permits and licenses you need to offer your services to your clients.

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