NetbaseQuid Helps Businesses Perform a Social Media Audit to Track their Performance Online

Executing a social media audit to determine the performance of your business online can be overwhelming. But it’s a necessary undertaking if you want your marketing on social media to yield the best outcomes.

Through such an audit, you can access the outcomes of your business activities on social media channels, discover your weaknesses and strengths online, and do the necessary to succeed with social media marketing.

Anyway, What’s Social Media Audit?

A social media audit involves reviewing your company’s metrics to assess opportunities, growth, and what you require to increase your social presence. Businesses that rely on social media to execute most marketing activities should understand why performing an audit is necessary. Auditing social media accounts for your business is an excellent way to learn how each network is performing. Through an effective audit performance, you can note several things, including:

*Whether there is an imposter account involving your followers without your consent

*Which of your social media profiles do you need to update, shut down, repurpose, or revive

*If there are new opportunities to engage your audience and grow

*What is working on your social media accounts, and what is not

*And much more!

Other Benefits of an Audit for Social Media

Many areas from a social media marketing strategy can reap enormous merits from an audit. Suppose it appears that an audit can impact your online presence. In that case, there are considerable benefits that come from executing an in-depth audit on your social media accounts:

Build a Rigorous Internal Process

An audit of your online accounts can help you create a rigorous internal process crucial for making, collecting, and publishing valuable content like online reviews. The auditing process will highlight ways to offer value through each of your social media channels. It will help you learn which social media channels best suit your business needs.

 Uncover New Opportunities to Generate Sales and Leads

An excellent social media audit will brief you on which areas your competitors perform well or fail. The information you collect can help you discover the specific places that present more opportunities.

How to Audit all Your Social Media Accounts

As you start your auditing, be ready to perform in-depth analysis. You can simplify an excellent audit for social media channels in four steps:

  1. Identifying the Most Relevant Content that Matters

Several social media tools like Buffer and Keyhole can help you collect a sufficient amount of your social media information and data. You can also execute research of your referral networks to gather relevant data on how your brand is performing online.

  1. Reviewing Your Social Profiles

Check your social account and ensure they are up to date, on message, and consistent. Check profile headers and photos to confirm they are relevant for your social channels. Make sure the phone number and address on your social media platforms are consistent and current with what appears on your online site.

  1. Competition Analysis

View your competitors’ social profiles to see if there are changes made that could affect your brand. Social media tools like Quick Sprout and BuzzSumo are great for your competition analysis needs.

  1. Content Wrangling

Take inventory of your online content. Look at the content you have been posting on social media, and note the shares, tweets, and posts that revolve around each. That will help you know how people interact with the content to understand if it’s helpful.

Let Experts do the Work for You

NetbaseQuid is a professional social media analytics company that equips businesses with specific tactics to succeed online. You can contact the company to get insights into executing a solid audit on social media platforms and fine-tune your online presence for the best possible results.

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