How to combat skills shortages in your business

Few things can harm a business more than a skills shortage. It can harm your productivity, impact your cash flow, and even slow the future growth of your business. The problem is that these shortages can come out of nowhere, so it’s hard to be prepared. What matters most is how to deal with skill shortages as and when they may happen.

Here is your guide on how to combat skills shortages in your business.

Outsource Tasks

When facing a skills shortage, it can be hard to find the staff that you need for certain tasks. This is where outsourcing can help. Outsourcing can help you to complete the tasks that you need and help you to save money at the same time.

For example, outsourcing your facilities management needs to a facilities management can have a huge impact on your business. Managing your cleaning, security, and other facilities needs in-house is expensive and time-consuming. When you outsource these tasks, however, you can save valuable funds and resources that can be redirected to other parts of your business.

Other tasks that you can consider outsourcing are administrative tasks, bookkeeping, and even your marketing needs.

Invest in Training

If you can’t find the right people outside of your business, why not invest in the people that you already have? Although this may take time, upskilling your current staff will work out cheaper in the long term as you don’t have to find the funds to pay another person’s salary.

Plus, you already know the strengths of your team as you hired them in the first place. At the end of the day, the more that you invest in your people, the more they will deliver for your business.

Offer Internships

Another way to bring in reinforcements is through internships. Interns are young workers looking to gain professional experience. Although they may not have many skills, they can help to lighten the load of your current team.

Furthermore, as they assist you, they can learn about your business and may even turn into the candidate you’ve been looking for!

Focus on Staff Retention

If you’re battling a skills shortage, the last you need is for your valuable staff members to leave. This is why focusing on staff retention is so important. Make sure that you recognise your current employees for their work and do what you can to keep them happy.


We hope that you never have to face a skills shortage, but should those unfortunate events arise, you can be better prepared thanks to the tips in this guide.

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